We at PlayerBetCasino want you to enjoy a tailored gaming experience while keeping the fun side. We are committed to Responsible Gaming and will do all we can to help players experiencing some difficulties to control gaming habits or that have gambling addiction.

While we do all what we can to provide tools to players to help them control excessive gambling or addiction we can’t be held responsible for the outcome results since in most cases it depends on the individuals collaboration and some persons need a professional help. Please feel free to contact your local specialized gambling charity organization for additional help.

We believe that the first step in remaining in control of time and budget spent in gaming is to recognize symptoms of excessiveness and be aware of any compulsive behavior tend. Thus a list of questions is provided herein and that player or his close family could answer in order to help depicting some initial symptoms. This does not in any case replace the consultancy with a professional in this area put provides initial guidelines. If you and most of your immediate family members answer yes on most of these question we strongly recommend that you seek some gambling control help.

  • Do you pass excessive time in gambling activities that causes you to fulfil your work, studies or family related activities?

  • Do you feel putting more time on gambling than usual and that you compromise on activities with beloved ones?

  • Do you feel spending on gambling more than what your budget allows and have regrets over losses when they occur?

  • Do you feel losing interest in spending time with your family, friends or in enjoying other activities than gambling? Do you feel becoming more isolated as a person?

  • Do you feel gambling to avoid facing some life challenges including arguments and frustrations?

  • Are you eager, after a loss to gamble as soon as possible to try to win back losses?

  • Does your entourage criticizes your gambling habits?

  • Do you borrow money or create debts in order to gamble?

PlayerBetCasino personnel will be more than happy to assist you to create some controls on your account. Please contact support to have one of the following self-control process enabled:

    1. Request account control to limit Deposits per timeframe;
    1. Request account control to limit time spent on gambling;
    1. Request an auto-exclusion for a timeframe:
    • (a) 3 month
    • (b) 6 month
    • (c) 1 year
    • (d) 2 years or
    • (e) 5 years.

From time to time, when a change of gaming habits occur, our personnel may get in touch with you to make sure that you are still enjoying the games and aware of responsible gaming tools and helps available for compulsive players.